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New Testing Plans & Checklists Section

When testing a website, organisation and preparation is key to a smooth and successful testing program.

The starting point in practically every piece of testing is to plan out what you are going to test and how you are going to test it. This normally involves, at least for me anyway, putting together some form of test plan or a checklist of what I am going to run through.

Which is why I have added a new Testing Plans & Checklists section to this blog.

I’ve started off with an ecommerce testing plan that I actually use as a basis for testing websites for clients that have an ecommerce facility including product pages, shopping basket, checkout and payment functionality.

The new section will be expanded as I make more testing plans available and I’ll probably add several shorter checklists as well for more specific testing.

Let me know in the comments if you would like to see a particular test plan made available, I’ve got things like testing a WordPress Blog, testing a typical CMS site, on my list so you can expect those to be added soon.

What format would you like testing plans and checklists to be made available in? Do you want something you can download, such as a PDF cheat sheet? Or would you like something that you can fill in as you test? Let me know in the comments.

Tom Batey
Tom Batey, founder of Testing Web Sites & WebDepend, is a hands on website tester focusing on quality across web, mobile and email.