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New website forms testing checklist

Testing Website Forms

Forms are a key part of any website, as they are used whenever you want to obtain information from a user or ask the user to submit something to you. Classic examples of forms are completing an enquiry or contact form, signing up to a newsletter, registering an account, logging in to a members area or completing a checkout form to make a purchase.

This means that if a form does not work it can be disastrous to a website. as it could mean the website receives no enquiries, no signups to their newsletter or makes no sales.

But even if a form basically works there are many detailed items that could be improved to make the form easier to fill in and be able to increase the conversion rate on that form.

Testing forms is therefore vital, not only to make sure those forms work but also to establish whether any smaller errors need to be fixed or determine whether any user experience improvements could be made.

Our new forms checklist covers all these areas. You can use the forms checklist to test areas such as form layout, form fields including required fields, validation messages and a lot more.

If you have a free account with Testing Web Sites then you can access a PDF version of the website forms checklist. If not then please register for a free account.

And of course, there are other PDF checklists also available to download for ecommerce testing, search facilities, SEO and accessibility checklists.

Happy testing!

Tom Batey
Tom Batey, founder of Testing Web Sites & WebDepend, is a hands on website tester focusing on quality across web, mobile and email.