Testing Tool Updates – November 2017

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Testing Tool Updates – November 2017


Latest updates from testing tools during November 2017

This month there are new announcements from Browserstack, Ghost Inspector, Testuff and CloudApp.

Here are some of the latest developments:

Browserstack have announced Automated Mobile App Testing – you can run Appium tests for mobile apps on 1000s of real iOS and Android devices. This means you can run your automated tests across a wide range of real devices in parallel, which will help to reduce your build and test times. The feature includes the ability to debug mobile apps easily by using videos, screenshots, text logs and device logs.

Ghost Inspector announced a couple more new features in November including:

  • Record New Steps – Users can now record new steps into existing tests with a new Chrome Extension.
  • Github Integration – Ghost Inspector rolled out a formal GitHub integration for sending test & suite statuses directly to your commits & PRs!

Testuff, a test management tool, has a new notification center, which offers a whole new approach to keeping yourself updated on your testing projects.

The new email alerts provide an easy and useful approach to knowing which items require action, which require instant resolution, and an overall review of progress made.

CloudApp, the fantastic screenshot sharing and video tool, has added several new features recently, including:

  • Record your screen and your webcam at the same time – CloudApp now enables you to record your screen together with audio and a front-facing camera from your desktop. You can use your built in microphone and webcam, or choose to use an external device for audio and video.
  • Sketch plugin for CloudApp – Share great design, instantly. Skip the tedious downloading, exporting, and uploading and share your work right away with CloudApp.
  • Integration for Hipchat – Get all of the benefits of CloudApp’s easy-to-use visual communication features, plus the cool team chat features of Hipchat.


Those are all the updates for this month, tune in again for our December update.

If you produce a testing tool and would like to feature in these regular updates then please let me know.



Tom Batey
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