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Testing Tool Updates – April 2018


Latest updates from testing tools during April 2018

This month there are new announcements from RapidSpike, CloudApp, Postman, Ghost Inspector.

Here are some of the latest developments:

RapidSpike have a number of new development as they continue to build on their website monitoring platform. A new vulnerability scanning service for WordPress can now test over 10,000 known WordPress vulnerabilities. You can also now set up monitors to check pages behind authentication and also configure timeouts and be alerted if monitors are taking too long.

CloudApp is another testing tool that continually rolls out new features. CloudApp is also a tool that we use regularly at Testing Web Sites. This time around CloudApp have introduced Collections, you can now organize your CloudApp content in folders and share them with your team. There is a new Asana integration, you can now easily create and embed visuals right into Asana.

Postman have announced a new Enterprise plan, which streamlines collaboration for any project size, with exclusive features such as Single Sign-On (SSO), Audit Logs, Static IP, and priority support. The first Postman Conference is going to be held in San Francisco on June 7th, 2018 with speakers from PayPal, Slack, Facebook and Postman (of course).

Ghost Inspector have been busy (aren’t they always?) with new features including the ability to record tests in Firefox, lots of new integrations with TeamCity, VSTS, Buildkite, Docker and more, and the test editor now incorporates an intuitive code editor for JavaScript steps.


Those are all the updates for this month, tune in again for our May update.

If you produce a testing tool and would like to feature in these regular updates then please let me know.


Tom Batey
Tom Batey, founder of Testing Web Sites & WebDepend, is a hands on website tester focusing on quality across web, mobile and email.