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Marathon ITE
May 29, 2018
August 27, 2018
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* Live Interactive Browser Testing
* Web Testing Automation
* Automated Screenshot Testing
* Responsive Layout Testing
* Smart Visual UI Testing

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Free Cross Browser Testing Tool

LambdaTest is a scalable cloud-based cross-browser testing platform designed to offer all website or web app testing need to cloud infrastructure. LambdaTest platform helps you to ensure your web app elements (such as JavaScript, CSS, HTLM5, Video…etc.) render seamlessly across every desktop and mobile web browser with support of manual, visual, and automated testing. With LambdaTest, you can access up to 2000+ combinations of desktop and mobile browsers on the cloud.

LambdaTest also offers a Selenium grid which supports 32 test automation frameworks with respect to various programming languages (Java, JavaScipt, C#, Ruby, PHP, and Python).

Our Selenium grid will help you execute parallel test sessions simultaneously, to significantly reduce your test cycles and increase your product delivery efficiency. LambdaTest provides you one-click bug logging feature that allows you to log a bug directly from LambdaTest platform to various bug management tools like Jira, Asana, Trello, Github, Paymo, TeamWork, Mantis, Hive and many more with just a single click. This is only the tip of an iceberg, there is a lot more to LambdaTest. We are continuously expanding our platform as we aim to deliver you a holistic solution for all your testing requirements.


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19 reviews for LambdaTest

  1. Pragya

    It’s an efficient way to test out a website across multiple devices and operating systems, testing out that all important adaptive or responsive design. It’s fast to generate screenshots across multiple devices.

  2. Ethan Kanchan

    Cross Browser Compatibility testing now easy with LambdaTest. We can easily test our designs across all possible combinations of OS and browsers. Switching to other combination in between testing is also a good feature. Really great platform, Great work!!!!!!

  3. S

    Hard to find any flaws. LambdaTest becoming an inspiration for other startups. Keep the pace going… Good Luck guys….

  4. Goku Swang

    Goku Swang

    We had tried different tools in the past. What we loved in LambdaTest is clean UI/UX as choosing browsers and OS is very easy and we were able to launch the VM very quickly. Wide rage of browsers and their version is a surplus. great support through in-app chat, they quickly came on a screen sharing call to solve the issue. I love this tool.

  5. Alexander

    LambdaTest has been helpful in fast-tracking the release process. Our software testing team feel confident with the wide variety of browsers. As far as I know, my testing unit find the launch time of their virtual machines to be very quick with respect to other platforms.

  6. Steve Rogers

    Steve Rogers

    Their screenshot testing has been time-saving for me and my team. Sometimes, we need to make immediate code fixes and that when their automated bulk screenshots come into play. They have made the process more productive by offering a feature to save the list of your favorite browsers. Meaning, if you have a variety of browsers that you need to perform testing on frequent basis then you can save those specific configurations under a list. So you don’t have to face the hassle of selecting them the next time that you wish to test. Plus, you can save up to 3 different lists. Time-saving indeed!

  7. Nayak P

    Nayak P

    They are always up to date with latest version of browsers. Something we find highly reliable is their customer support. They are available 24×7 and have aided us many times. We needed a cross browser testing tool with Trello integration. LambdaTest has Trello along with the functionality of SSH Tunnel. We were able to identify the issue in our website and solve them in no time. Kudos to LambdaTest.

  8. Liz Koshy

    Liz Koshy

    We have more than 2500 pages on our website. So in order to make sure that all pages are rendering as expected. LambdaTest has been a helping hand for us in doing so. End to end testing of our website is done using lambdatest. They keep on adding new browsers and OS so that we don’t face any issue. Their Customer Support is just focused towards handling customer issues and solving them. Seariously I have never seen such fast reply back and resolution from any support team.. Awesome work, awesome team!!!!!!!

  9. James Tanner

    LambdaTest is a helping hand for our development and testing team. They really built a great product. Keep up the good work!!

  10. Igor Igor Danilyan

    Igor Igor Danilyan

    Simply great. Everything working smoothly and so far I’ve found everything that I need. Already told that we should use LambdaTest in the future as well and if there is something new we need, we should first check if LambdaTest is already capable of doing that. It just got my job done.

  11. Dmytro Tarasenko

    The tunnel worked perfectly! We build app which uses many other local apps on different ports and I did not have to adjust a thing. With the availibility of browsers and OS, I was also able to test and debug our webapplication so I’m very pleased with it. Also pleased with their outstanding service thank you.

  12. Tim Johnson

    Tim Johnson

    LambdaTest has helped me gaining more customers, I was not aware how Cross Browser Compatibility can make a huge difference for my website. Now I have both device compatible & responsive website. All thanks to LambdaTest

    I got attracted towards LambdaTest services by reading a review on a website. It made me think is it really important for my business? Now I am a happy customer of LambdaTest. Their customer support is just amazing and all my queries related to the tool gets resolved in a jiffy.

    Unbelievably neat and intuitive User Interface, gives my clarity for all my test logs and even helps me save my test so that I do not have to choose them again. Big thumps up.

  13. Alex Wilson

    Alex Wilson

    LambdaTest is one such platform that I hop on every time I am updating my website to test if it is still cross browser compatible. This tool has helped me in making my website from better to best and my customers do not face any issues while they are on it. Quite amazing!

  14. Helen Chalmers

    I am using LambdaTest or LT as we call it internally.

    Good – We found the product to be metting our requirement and to start things we purchased their monthly plan.

    Better – After two months of usage we decided to purchase their annual plan. To our delight their customer support team offered us a good discount for our annual upgrade.

    Best – Today we have subscribed to their Web Automation plan which is helping us to automate our entire testing process.

    Highly recommended

  15. Aubrey Klaft

    LambdaTest has been helping us in testing all our websites on cloud, this has helped us in avoiding a huge infrastructure cost. They offer the most comprehensive range of browser combination on both desktop & mobile.

    We are now planning to move all our testing practices on selenium that further will cut down our testing time. Considering other tools as well for the same but for now LambdaTest is our clear choice.

  16. Serena Martinetti

    Chrome extension offered by LambdaTest is one of the coolest free extensions I have used. Being a developer I have to test my website on a number of browser and OS combinations. Testing the website manually used to take a lot of time & efforts.

    LambdaTest Chrome Extension has eased that practice and I do all the required testing on any combination with just a few clicks. Recommended to all web developers & testers.

  17. Shradha Gingade

    Save What Value Most – Time

    It feels pretty amazing to see how much time we are saving by using LambdaTest for our cross browser testing needs. Earlier it used to take us at least couple of days to check the compatibility of our website on major browser & OS combinations.

    But now with LambdaTest the work has been reduced to couple of hours and we now cover more combinations for better customer experience.

  18. Saanvi

    Integration possibility with all leading tools

    LambdaTest is the tool that we use for performing cross browser testing of our website. The UI is simple yet advanced to handle various multiple tests at the same time.

    We use the services of LambdaTest whenever we are updating our website with a new feature. This really helps us in saving time taken to manually perform all these tests.

    The best part about LambdaTest is they offer integration with almost all leading project management & CI tools which really makes our job easy.
    We are using Circle CI for our continuous testing and development and were thrilled to find the integration there which we think is pretty amazing.

    Not only Circle CI you can integrate with Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity and many many more tools.

    This sort of extensive integration and CI/CD options really makes LambdaTest stand out when compared with other tools like Sauce Labs & BS.

  19. Alick Gardiner

    Alick Gardiner

    As technology advances, enterprises are switching from manual testing to Selenium Test Automation. But one area most enterprises are still struggling is with the scalability of running several tests in parallel. LambdaTest has been a boon for us when it comes to Selenium automation. With a Selenium Grid based on the cloud, we don’t need to stress about setting up and maintaining infrastructure anymore. We can run hundreds of tests in parallel on 2000+ browsers and OS versions running on real machines. LambdaTest really helped us in reducing our web testing cost and at the same time scale it as and when required.

    To leverage on marketing campaigns, we needed to ensure all our deliverables render seamlessly on different mobile and desktop browsers our users use to view them from across the world. The geolocation testing functionality helped us set the location and test our website over various locations. At LambdaTest, we can now run geolocation testing to test our website across 40+ countries. The pricing plan is pretty simple and easy to grasp, with no hidden costs at all.

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