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March 10, 2013
March 10, 2013
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* Cross browser compatibility report
* Regression testing
* No programming required

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Make Web Testing Easier With Mogotest

Testing websites and Web-based apps is a pain in the butt. Do they render correctly in different browsers? Are they standards- compliant? Do they look and behave the way you want? The way you’d like?

Mogotest is a verification tool for inspired designers and developers. We help make cross-browser testing easier, so you can focus on being more awesome.

Mogotest features:

* Cross Browser Compatibility Report – quickly see which browsers each of your pages is broken in.
* Regression Testing – Mogotest compares every tested page to previous versions and will let you know when something breaks.
* API Access – easily integrate with your existing testing and deployment tools using Mogotest’s ReST API.
* No Programming Required.
* Screenshot Comparison Tools.
* Test Private Pages.
* Site Health Report.


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