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March 10, 2013
March 10, 2013
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Bug Shooting

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* Screen Capture Software for Bug Tracking
* Easily take and edit screenshots
* Send the screenshot straight into your bug tracker

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Screen Capture Software for Bug Tracking

Bug Shooting makes it easy to take screenshots of any issues or problems you find whilst testing your website, edit them to add any notes and share them using a range of methods including bug trackers and email.

Take a screenshot, either area, window or full screen, then edit it to add text, arrows or other graphics and finally send it straight into your bug tracker or email it, FTP it, Skype it, Twitpic it or drop it into Word or Excel.

The full list of supported bug trackers and other outputs is as follows:

* FogBugz
* Gemini
* OnTime
* BugTracker.NET
* Mantis BT
* DoneDone
* Bugzilla
* SpiraTest
* elementool
* Unfuddle
* informUp
* BugNET
* BUGtrack
* Assembla
* ImageShack
* Twitpic
* Skype
* Default Email Client
* Gimp
* MS Outlook
* MS Word
* MS Excel
* MS Paint
* Thunderbird
* Command line

Or, you can save your screenshot to file or print it out.

Bug Shooting also has an Output API, which enables you to create custom outputs that are not supported by Bug Shooting yet.

There is a fully featured trial version available limited to 30 days, Bug Shooting costs €19.99 per license.

Bug Shooting requires Windows XP or Windows 7 and Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.


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1 review for Bug Shooting

  1. Alexej

    Bug Shooting is also available for free for private use. Visit

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