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August 4, 2015
August 6, 2015
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* Centralize the handling of automated bug reports
* Find which apps or features are having problems
* Correlate bug reports to help identify trends

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Centralize the handling of automated bug reports

BugLogHQ is a free and open source tool to centralize the handling of automated bug reports from multiple applications.

BugLogHQ provides a unified view of error messages sent from any number of applications and servers, allowing the developer to search, graph, forward, and explore the bug reports submitted by the applications.

BugLogHQ Features

  • BugLog’s aggregated view of the data allows you to easily keep track of the overall health of your applications.
  • Bug reports are presented in different views at finer levels of agregation, so that you can find easily which apps or features are having problems.
  • Get a snapshot of what happened in your app at the moment of the error; BugLog even correlates bug reports with similar occurrences to help you identify trends.
  • Keep an eye on BugLogHQ activity when on the run. BugLogHQ detects when you use a smartphone and displays a minimized user interface.


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