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May 28, 2015
June 1, 2015
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* Enterprise cloud solution with real browsers
* Tests can be created and implemented in minutes
* Ultra fast and highly scalable

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Testing to breaking point

JAR Load – the only enterprise cloud solution with real browsers.

Load test your applications and web-sites to identify and remove performance bottlenecks before their deployment. This revolutionary, ultra fast, highly scalable solution is accessible anywhere, any-time and from any HTML5 device.

Tests can be created and implemented in minutes, with no downloads or installation. JAR:Load allows you to build, execute and understand how your web sites and application perform under all
the conditions you require.

With advanced features such as geolocations, WAN emulation, 24/7 monitoring, “Behind the Firewall” load generation and SLA thresholds – JAR:Load is the complete enterprise solution for Web load testing.

JAR:Load is the only enterprise load testing product, delivered from the cloud, that uses real web browsers to simulate load.

If you run ANY type of Javascript (jquery, GWT, AngularJS, Ember, etc.) on your web-site then you can’t rely on “other” load testers who just record HTTP transactions – they will miss all your dynamic AJAX operations!

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