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March 3, 2013
Load Impact
March 10, 2013
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* Loadzen is cloud based & scalable.
* Real-time results of your test as it runs.
* Schedule tests for when you want them to run.

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Stress your site, not yourself

Unfortunately, Loadzen is closing it’s doors.

Loadzen offers a cloud-powered load testing service that will allow you to test your website against thousands of emulated site visitors.

Whether it’s a simple test to make sure your page survives being listed on reddit or digg, or if you want to make sure your e-commerce system will withstand thousands of people buying your latest hot product, Loadzen will give you clear, easy-to-understand and realtime results.

Test with up to 25 virtual users for free. Then from $0.60 per test for 100 users.

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