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March 3, 2013
Load Impact
March 10, 2013
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* Loadzen is cloud based & scalable.
* Real-time results of your test as it runs.
* Schedule tests for when you want them to run.


Loadzen is no longer available

There are many other load testing tools in our directory that may be of interest.

Stress your site, not yourself

Unfortunately, Loadzen is closing it’s doors.

Loadzen offers a cloud-powered load testing service that will allow you to test your website against thousands of emulated site visitors.

Whether it’s a simple test to make sure your page survives being listed on reddit or digg, or if you want to make sure your e-commerce system will withstand thousands of people buying your latest hot product, Loadzen will give you clear, easy-to-understand and realtime results.

Test with up to 25 virtual users for free. Then from $0.60 per test for 100 users.


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