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May 16, 2013
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July 29, 2013
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* Powerful crashing reporting solution.
* Native Mac application.
* Real-time crash reports.
* Crashlytics for Enterprise is now free.

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Powerful crash reporting solution

Crashlytics is a powerful crash reporting solution for iOS and Android developers.

Crashlytics features:

* Smart Monitoring – Crashlytics performs a deep analysis of each stake trace thread, highlighting the interesting threads. Reading stack traces becomes easier and more useful.
* Device State – get precise information on the performance of the devices that your apps run on. Crashlytics provides details such as if the crash only happens on a specific model or generation of a device. Plus gain other information such as whether your app only crashes in landscape mode, or whether the proximity sensor is always on.
* Native Mac application – Crashlytics for Mac gives you instant reports on your desktop.
* Real time reporting – actionable insights as they happen. Crashlytics can handle data from hundreds of millions of devices daily without processing delays.

Crashlytics for Enterprise is now free.

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