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July 6, 2015
July 13, 2015
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* Mobile Marketing Automation
* User Experience Optimization
* Mobile A/B Testing with Analytics

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Engage mobile customers

Leanplum helps marketers understand and shape the mobile moments that matter through a combination of personalized messaging and UI optimization.

Leanplum features

  • Mobile Marketing Automation – With Leanplum’s mobile marketing automation you can create, automate and A/B test highly targeted in-app messages and push notifications.
  • User Experience Optimization – A/B test, modify and publish mobile content on the fly. Built to support mobile marketing automation, Leanplum syncs, stores, and deploys mobile assets in real-time, and we handle all the security, syncing and offline support.
  • Mobile A/B Testing with Analytics – Leanplum’s Mobile A/B Testing with Analytics enables marketers to optimize the user experience. And with mobile marketing automation, you can go from data-driven insight to targeted action at light speed.

Leanplum has a free plan for up to 2 apps.


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