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July 19, 2014
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* Wirelessly mirror your iOS device on any Mac, PC or Android device.
* Mirror your device on a big screen without any wires.
* Costs $12.99.

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Wirelessly mirror your iPad or iPhone to your computer

Reflector is an airplay receiver that allows you to wirelessly mirror your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch screen to any Mac, PC or Android device.

With Reflector, everything you do on your phone or tablet is wirelessly streamed to your computer or Android device. So you can mirror your device on a big screen without any wires.

For testing mobile sites or applications, this allows you see what is happening much more clearly on a big screen plus record user sessions easily.

Reflector costs $12.99 for Mac or for Windows and $6.99 for Android (requires Android 4.1). There is a 7 day free trial available for Mac or PC versions.

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