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March 17, 2017
March 27, 2017
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* App Distribution
* Video Recording
* Logs
* Crash Reports
* User feedback on shake

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Android & iOS Mobile Beta Testing Has Never Been Easier

When testing mobile apps in the crowd, you never know what exactly was done and if there was a problem, what exactly went wrong on the client side.

TestFairy solves this problem by providing you a video of the exact test that was done, including CPU, Memory, GPS, Network and a lot more.

TestFairy Features

  • App Distribution – iOS Ad Hoc Certificate, iOS Enterprise Certificate, Android Apps
  • Video Recording – See what your users are doing and learn from their behaviour!
  • Logs – iOS NSLog, Android logcat
  • Crash Reports – Including iOS crash symbolication, Android De-Obfuscation
  • User feedback on shake! – Make it easy for your testers to send your feedback
  • Community Pages – Let your testers download your app in one click

There is a free plan available for up to 10 apps and 1,000 testers. Paid plans start at $79 per month.

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