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March 10, 2013
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March 10, 2013
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* Spy on your competitor’s campaigns
* Find out how much they spend
* Target the right keywords

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The best keyword intelligence tool

SpyFu enables customers to “spy” on their competitor’s online marketing campaigns, see which terms they advertise on, which terms they optimize their site for, how much they spend, and so much more.

SpyFu can help you answer questions such as these, before you even create your campaign.

* How much do my competitors spend to get traffic?
* Which keywords are right for what I want to accomplish?
* How big is this guy I’m up against?
* Are they just throwing money around, or are they following a system?
* When has everyone else ramped up their spending?

Prices start at $79.00 per month for unlimited keywords. Save 47% on an annual subscription.


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