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May 8, 2013
May 10, 2013
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Aware Monitoring

Aware Monitoring is no longer available

Aware Monitoring is no longer available

There are many other site monitoring tools that may be of interest.


Monitor web application & website performance

Aware Monitoring provides continuous monitoring of web apps, ecommerce and website to prevent performance disasters.

Aware Monitoring features:

* Identify performance trends, issues and bottle-necks over time
* Interactive and scheduled reporting
* Http web-page load-time and validation
* Advanced performance Monitoring for APIs (JSON/XML), forms, and search queries
* Full page ‘real-browser’ Monitoring with component load-times
* Multi-step scripted transactions and customer-journeys
* Centralised real-time status view of all your sites and services
* Receive e-mail and SMS alerts on website slowdowns and outages



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