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August 9, 2014
August 14, 2014
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Blue Refraction

* Site monitor
* Site crawler
* Site response
* Content check
* Link checker
* Code analyser

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Functional Testing & Monitoring

Blue Refraction provides a business centric, collaborative testing and monitoring environment that is designed for product owners, business analysts, testers and programmers.

Blue Refraction Features

  • Site monitor – Check that a site is accessible and send an email alert if the site fails to load.
  • Site crawler – Crawl a entire site and build a site map. Any broken pages can be reported.
  • Site response – Check that site pages load within a pre-set time.
  • Content check – Check that content is the same as last.
  • Link checker – Check external page links and report any broken ones.
  • Code analyser – Heuristic code analyser can analyse a site and generate abest practice report (Coming Soon).

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