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November 14, 2015
January 1, 2016
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Try for 45 days and we guarantee you will replace Hope with Confidence

Sitemorse ‘Disruptive Innovation’ seamlessly integrates with and enhances existing publishing technology, establishing consistency and accountability across web, social, mobile and email content.

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Sitemorse replaces sporadic, manual content assessment with cloud-based automation that can reduce content management costs by up to 12% – whilst simultaneously increasing agility, improving optimisation and reducing risk.

Across every digital touch point we deliver SMART Content™ and with our unique INSIGHT we offer unrivalled immediacy in improving online user experience.

Just some of the benefits to be achieved with Sitemorse:-

  • A 12% overall cost saving across Digital Management
  • 85% improvement in publishing efficiency
  • 91% reduction in resources
  • Building and maintaining an accurate map of what is really out there in ‘your digital landscape’
  • Publishing Agility – getting it right first time – faster. Means the removal of 90%+ of training and support costs
  • Accountability – ownership and responsibility across editors, publishers and service providers
  • Managing inevitable and continual change in an effective time efficient and process driven way – with scaleable and continual auditing.

As the backbone to your Digital Governance, Sitemorse can streamline Digital management and enhanced content control – ultimately replacing “I hope” with “I’m confident”.


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