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November 5, 2013
December 8, 2013
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* CodeFuse Management Console – define your test.
* CodeFuse Spy – extract detailed info about your target test objects.
* CodeFuse Agent – execute your test locally or in the cloud.

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Cloud Based Automated Software And Website Testing Tools

CodeFuse offers cloud based automated software and website testing tools designed to promote collaboration and simplify testing.

With CodeFuses’s Software as a Service (SaaS) model you can define and execute your website and software tests entirely in the cloud. CodeFuse promotes collaboration. Its allows project managers to create new projects and project configurations.

Business analysts can enter requirements in the form of customer journeys, stories, acceptance criteria and even define tests in a completely non-technical way. Testers can rapidly create the details for tests using our easy-to-use cloud tool.

CodeFuse Main Features

  • CodeFuse Management Console (CMC) – Zero footprint browser application that allows you to define your website and software test.
  • CodeFuse Spy – A downloadable component that is used to extract detailed information about your target test objects and communicate this with the CodeFuse Management Console.
  • CodeFuse Agent – The CodeFuse Agent is the engine that executes your test, you can execute your test locally or in the cloud.

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