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* Continuous Inspection
* Detect Tricky Issues
* Centralize Quality
* DevOps Integrations

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The leading product for Continuous Code Quality

SonarQube Features

  • Continuous Inspection – SonarQube provides the capability to not only show health of an application but also to highlight issues newly introduced. With a Quality Gate in place, you can fix the leak and therefore improve code quality systematically.
  • Detect Tricky Issues – SonarQube’s code analyzers are equipped with powerful path sensitive dataflow engines to detect tricky issues such as null-pointers dereferences, logic errors, resource leaks…
  • Centralize Quality – One place to provide a shared vision of code quality for developers, tech leads, managers and executives in charge of a few to a few thousands projects and also to act as a toll gate for application promotion or release.
  • DevOps Integration – SonarQube integrates with the entire DevOps toolchain including build systems, CI engines, promotion pipelines… using webhooks and its comprehensive RestAPI.

SonarQube is free to download and can also be used online at SonarCloud.


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