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January 1, 2016
March 28, 2016
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* Continuous, 24/7 Testing
* Simple Point and Click Test Creation
* Full Featured Testing
* Includes Screenshots and Videos

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TestLean provides automated UI integration testing and monitoring, using a real web browser to test your website as often as every minute.

No scripting is required, our point and click test editor makes it easy to validate your website’s functionality, and you can see videos of your tests in action!

These tests can perform any action that an end user can perform, such as clicking, typing, scrolling, etc…

If one of your tests fails, an alert will be delivered to your inbox, along with a screenshot of the failure.

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Since we run a full web browser to execute your tests, our system works with Angular and other javascript based frameworks and applications. You can also use it to perform UI integration tests of your webapp when developing or deploying a new version.

Since we are cloud based, there is no software to install or servers to configure, simply enter your website details and get started right away. Our free edition lets you try the product before you buy. Try risk free today!

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