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March 28, 2016
March 30, 2016
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* Hosting Agnostic
* Customizable Previews
* Command Line Friendly
* Seamless Security

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Preview every feature or bug fix with automatic builds

Visual QA for Enterprise Teams

Tugboat lets you see work as it happens and share it with others. Developers receive better feedback instantly. Stakeholders stay connected and make decisions with confidence.

Tugboat automatically builds previews of work, without the wait

Whether you are a developer merging code, or a content editor testing copy changes, Tugboat automatically builds previews when a change is made, and does it fast! The micro-container infrastructure in Tugboat means most of the code needed to run has already been compiled. Tugboat is ready when you need it.

Share previews with a secure link for on-the-go visual QA

Tugboat generates a secure link you can send to anyone over email, instant message…you name it. With no technical barriers, projects can enjoy immediate, non-disruptive peer review by seeing work from anywhere, on any device, with any browser.

Tugboat costs $999 per month per site

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