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July 6, 2021
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July 13, 2021
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EXPERTE Accessibility Checker

The free EXPERTE accessibility test assesses 41 features across eight categories.

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Accessibility Checker

With the Accessibility Test you can determine the accessibility your website. The tool crawls your website and checks for each subpage if it can be correctly displayed by screen readers. This means that even blind and visually impaired users can fully use your website.

Accessibility Checker Features:

The accessibility test assesses 41 features across eight categories.

  • Navigation – Checks whether the site’s navigation is consistent and accessible.
  • ARIA – ARIA is a semantic HTML extension that makes websites more accessible for those with disabilities. Our test checks whether ARIA has been correctly implemented.
  • Names and labels – Among other things, our test also checks whether form fields and buttons are marked with meaningful labels, and if images have alternative text.
  • Contrast – For a significant number of users, text with low contrast is difficult or impossible to read. Our test checks whether the contrast ratio between background and foreground colors is sufficient.
  • Tables and lists – Screen readers offer functions that make navigating tables and lists much easier. We check whether these have been implemented correctly.
  • Audio & Video – If a video contains subtitles, those with hearing impairments users can better understand its content. This test checks if there are correct markups.
  • Internationalization & Localization – When you specify a valid language on your site, screen readers can correctly display text. Our test checks whether a valid language has been specified.

The Accessibility Checker is free.


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