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* Visitor Activity – See what users are doing on your website
* Clicks HeatMap – See the most “active” click spots on your website
* Free version available, PRO version costs $19.99

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Web analytics & visitor tracker

Know your visitors better and increase your profit.

An investment that pays for itself after just a few weeks of using it. One-time payment, no monthly fees No 24 hour wait time like with Google Analytics. Real-time results now.

ExtraWatch Features

  • Visitor Activity – See what users are doing on your website; analyze usage patterns.
  • Click Conversion Tracking – Monitor button and link clicks; see reports on every page element.
  • Android Mobile App – Access your stats with one click from your mobile phone screen.
  • Traffic Flow – View an interactive HTML5 flowchart of internal traffic distribution between your pages.
  • Search Engine Reports – Check the list of keywords by which users found your website and their stats.
  • Directory Sizes – Determine which extensions are eating up your hosting space.
  • Clicks HeatMap – See the most “active” click spots on your website, optimize the page to get better conversions and sales.
  • Downloaded Files – Monitor files your users have downloaded by simply specifying file extensions like *.mp3, *.pdf.
  • Facebook, Twitter and Other Media – See reports from which medium the user visited your website; monitor visits from GA campaigns, etc.
  • Mobile Device Detection – With many popular mobile devices, see which is used in every visit.
  • Database Status – Keep an eye on your database tables and data growth over time.
  • Front-End Widgets and Counters – Display number of visits from different countries for a specific time period.

There is a free version of ExtraWatch available. The PRO version costs $19.99.


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