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June 16, 2014
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July 19, 2014
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* Understand your analytics
* Heatmaps & Real-Time statistics
* Free whilst in beta

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Simplified Understanding of Web Analytics

Ptengine helps you understand your web analytics and helps with conversion optimisation.

Ptengine Features

  • Multi Device & Multi Domain – Monitor webpage traffic from both mobile and traditional internet-accessible devices. Evaluate Smartphone, PC, and Tablet visits independently.
  • Heatmap – the Heatmap provides a thermographic representation of user’s click, tap, and scrolling patterns.
  • Real Time – Real Time collects data based on current user traffic, enabling you to make marketing adjustments in a flash.
  • Campaign – the Campaign feature measures the flow of visitors in regards to what form of media exposure lead them for your webpage.
  • Conversion – Immediately improve your web page by determining where the user decides to continue or withdraw from navigating your web page.
  • One-Click Filter (SmartScope) – Target the data you wish to see with a few simple clicks.
  • Group Analytics – Weigh the value of your Page Groups using our funnel tool to compare them against each other.

Ptengine is currently free whilst it is in beta.

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